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To all of my many clients and friends over the past 50 years … it is hard to believe the years have flown by since a very young Jim Cleaver became my law clerk in a new firm I was starting. He became my partner in 1982 - and “Alexander & Cleaver” began its journey. Soon thereafter, Todd Pounds joined us, and our young law clerk, Jason Deloach, became a lawyer in the firm. As the years have gone by, Jim, Todd, and Jason were the legal foundation of the firm and we provided thousands of people with legal work and advice … and they are still at it!

It’s also hard to believe I have a “milestone” birthday coming up in November. Where have the years gone? Anita and I spend most of our time now in Florida and take special pride in each of our five grandkids. I am still a member of the Maryland, Florida, and Associate Member of Virginia Bar Associations. I have been proud to be a lawyer for over 50 years and will probably never give up my Bar memberships.

Some years ago I took a step back from the management of A&C, but always have enjoyed my clients and friends asking for legal advice or just connecting. I have also continued to talk regularly with Jim, Todd, and Jason giving them my opinion on cases or legal issues if they needed a fresh look at something.

So, I hope to hear from clients and friends - you can reach me at my usual [email protected] email address. You can also visit my personal website for some laughs at

Even though I am not actively engaged in the practice of law, I am happy to hear from my old clients and friends.

Good health and best wishes to all.


For over 40 years, Alexander & Cleaver, P.A. has been ensuring superior results for clients throughout the great state of Maryland. Our clients include individuals, businesses, government entities, nonprofit organizations and municipalities. These clients trust our hardworking and experienced team to protect their interests and push for only the absolute best outcome, no matter the legal situation.

Our major industry award winning attorneys are ready to assist you with your legal matter(s) throughout Maryland, the District of Columbia and Virginia. 

So, do not wait until your legal matter has been stirring up for some time, call us today for a consultation to discuss your legal matter and how we can help you and represent you. 

Areas of Practice

Personal Injury/ Auto Accident

Alcoholic Beverage Licensing

Civil & Defense Litigation

Landlord/Tenant Law 

Municipal & Local Government Representation

Estate Planning & Administration

Zoning, Land Use & Development

Maryland Personal Injury

In Maryland, personal injury victims may be entitled to full and fair compensation for their medical expenses, property damage, lost wages and pain and suffering. Alexander & Cleaver's skilled attorneys can help.

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