If your company is interested in state level procurement, you need to know about the Maryland Board of Public Works, or BPW, for short, an institution unique to that state of Maryland. The mission of the BPW is to protect the state's fiscal integrity by insuring that significant state expenditures are necessary, appropriate, and fiscally responsible.
The board is comprised of three members ... the Governor, the Controller, and the Treasurer. It meets twice a month throughout the year. At its meetings the board members debate and vote on a myriad of agency proposals. The board is charged with approving capital projects, procurement contracts exceeding $200,000, and the acquisition use and transfer of state assets.
If your company is awarded a contract by any of the state agencies you will likely have your contract vetted by the BPW. We help guide our clients through every step of the state procurement process. We'll work with you to develop and execute a strategy that sets your company up for procurement success.