Dangerous Highways Causing Accidents in Maryland

Automobile accident lawyers investigate roadway safety in Prince George’s, Charles and Calvert counties

Car crashes happen all the time. Typically, the blame for accidents falls to the drivers. But one area often overlooked is the role an unsafe road may have played.

At Alexander & Cleaver, our attorneys examine every auto accident claim for any road design defect or maintenance problem that may have been a factor in the crash. We have pursued countless claims throughout Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C., so we know what to look for and have the resources to conduct a proper investigation.

Who is responsible

Claims related to dangerous roads are somewhat different from typical auto accident claims because they usually are filed against the government entity responsible for the road — federal, state, county or municipal — not against the other driver. These cases can be difficult to pursue because the government may have immunity from such claims, and, at the very least, will have a team of attorneys prepared to protect its interests.

We are not intimidated by government lawyers and will not back down from a case simply because it takes real effort to win.

What needs to be done

Timing is critical to preserve evidence and ensure the best foundation for a dangerous road case in Maryland. Each car crash lawyer at our law firm understands what is at stake. We examine the accident report, your vehicle and the road. Photographs taken at the accident scene are extremely helpful. Success hinges on a careful investigation of the dangerous road and its design, approval, and construction history as well as accident statistics. Often in these cases, we rely on expert traffic engineers and accident reconstructionists to build a strong case.

The government must ensure that there is no substantial risk of injury when someone uses a road with due care in a reasonably foreseeable way. To prevail, we must show that the government knew of a significant highway or road danger and failed to fix it. By working diligently and carefully, our auto accident attorneys can win such claims, even if you are partly at fault for the crash.

Factors that indicate a dangerous road in Calvert, Charles and Prince George’s counties

A road can be made dangerous by many defects:

  • Poor design
    • Obstructed view
    • Hazardous curves, slopes or dips
    • Defective or missing guardrails
    • Shoulder drop-offs
    • Missing or inadequate median divider
    • Unsafe entrance and exit ramps
    • Unusually slippery pavement
    • Poor drainage
    • Inadequate warning signs
    • Wrongly placed traffic signals
  • Construction defects
    • Failure to follow design
    • Shoddy workmanship
    • Low-quality materials
  • Inadequate maintenance
    • Deterioration of the road, signals, guardrails and signage

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Holding the government accountable for dangerous highways

If you think there was more to your accident than driver error, do not settle for the simple explanation. We make sure your questions are answered.

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