An attorney handling a criminal matter should be experienced and understand the jurisdiction he's operating in, as well as the prosecutors and the judges involved. All these have many influences on the outcome of the case. In the beginning of the case, you're going to be facing a judge for a bond review and/or initial appearances and preliminary hearings. All these particular issues up front will help shape and form the balance of the case. What's also very important is understanding the discovery process, and in particular constitutional rights that you're allowed to have. These need to be examined carefully, and you need to have someone vigorously looking into them and defending any and all constitutional rights that you have.
Alexander & Cleaver, we have over 25 years or 30 years of experience handling these matters, and we know the jurisdictions in these areas. It's also very important to consider the personal aspects of the cases, meaning other people are affected, your wife, your spouse, your husband, kids, your job. A lot of people in this area have top secret clearance that we deal with from day to day. Understanding those, as an attorney, on what the outcome can or can't be in a case is very important.
Our goal always is to win cases, but at the same time, we have to look at what possible outcomes can happen. That's what we want to try to explain to you, and gain you comfort in your understanding of the case, and making sure you know the possible outcomes and how we're going to win the case for you.