Drafting and monitoring documents that impact client objectives

Legislation and budgets are integral to the functioning and success of government and business in Maryland.

Unfortunately, turning a blank page into a workable document often is daunting and can be disastrous. Once conceived, managing budget or legislative information and status demands dogged organization, process knowledge and political acumen. Alternative proposals often result in revisions and cuts that cause deleterious effects to clients.

That is where Alexander & Cleaver has an impact. Our firm assists clients in shaping and monitoring public policy across an array of issues.

Our services

Our Government Relations Team is skilled in the art of drafting legislation and ably crafts bills in a manner that directs them to a favorable committee. We put our wordsmith abilities to work on behalf of businesses, non-profits, professional associations and governmental entities in their endeavors at the federal, state and local levels.

Our efforts extend to tracking critical documents — those advocated by clients and others that impact clients — as they pass through the approval process. We ensure revision proposals and opposition tactics are analyzed and conveyed to clients. The guidance of our attorneys expedites a successful outcome.


  • Draft legislation to solve a particular challenge or thwart other legislative action
  • Draft amendments to legislation or code
  • Track legislation and monitor revisions

Budgeting — capital and operating

  • Attend budget committee hearings and report to clients
  • Draft budget language
  • Lobby for clients’ line items
  • Track budget
  • Develop bond bills for capital budget

Legislation review and monitoring

  • Review all legislation filed — each of thousands of bills is scrutinized with our clients’ goals in mind
  • Evaluate the range of bills for each client
  • Send weekly profile of priority bills with real-time action indicated

Federal lobbying and procurement with the Maryland Delegation

  • Handle Maryland-specific contracts or issues
  • Foster relationships with multinational business clients located in Maryland

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