Damage control when your business and reputation are at stake

The scenario is all too common: a company is humming along, achieving objectives, when an internal or external crisis threatens to disrupt business. These disruptions evolve quickly and can cause long-term harm.

Alexander & Cleaver is a formidable advocate in the battle to restore order, salvage reputations and move forward following a damaging event.  We are uniquely qualified to hold the line in hectic, adversarial situations. We rapidly assess the legal, political and public relations ramifications of a crisis and provide a strategy to try and right the ship.

Our services

We develop an integrated strategy that draws on our decades of experience in the business, political, legal and marketing arenas to address the situation in the short term and over the long haul.

We tackle crises in many forms:

  • From within — employee or executive misconduct, labor unrest, employee litigation and class actions
  • Community-based — public opposition to expansion, development or business conduct, social media campaign by individuals or interest groups
  • Government-generated — regulatory actions, proposed legislation
  • Legal — litigation related to corporate misconduct, products or services

Of course, prevention is always best. A vigorous risk management program developed by our firm goes a long way toward avoiding a business-damaging crisis. The same tools we use in addressing a crisis can be employed to devise preventive strategies. By getting to know our clients, their daily operations and their priorities, and applying our remarkable knowledge of government, the law and the media, we can place clients on firmer ground.

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