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Client Testimonials

What our clients are saying

      • "James Cleaver has been an advisor for our family and the parishioners of our church for many years.  His zeal and tenacity on behalf of clients in legendary.  I would without hesitation recommend James Cleaver to anyone injured in a motor vehicle accident or for any legal matter!"

—Reverend Newton Pelt, Jr.

      • "As Mayor of Brentwood for three terms, I am thrilled to be a leader of a thriving and diverse community in Maryland.  During my tenure, along with our Council, I have worked closely with Jason DeLoach as our attorney.  He has been vital in helping Brentwood reach its goals of being a livable community, as well as a business friendly community.  Brentwood has been fortunate to have Jason as our attorney for 16 years, and we look forward to our partnership for years to come."

—Mayor Rocio Treminio-Lopez

      • "As Maryland's largest home-based corporation, we needed a firm that is responsive, knowledgeable, and staffed by experienced and well-respected government relations consultants. From technical legislative issues to staffing our events, Alexander & Cleaver has been our local Maryland Team on the ground for the past dozen years."

Larry Duncan, Lockheed Martin

      • "Raylynn Best-James has been exceptional in handling the estate of my mother.   Our family has been going through a difficult time and we appreciate Raylynn’s professionalism, knowledge and patience in leading us through the probate process.  Raylynn has taken care of all paperwork, court filings, documentation to all affected parties, and answered our questions in a timely manner.  We thank God for Alexander & Cleaver and especially Raylynn.  We know we are in good hands. Thanks Raylynn!"

—The Ashton-Jones Family

      • "Kennedy Krieger is committed to transforming the lives of children with disorders of the brain through groundbreaking research, innovative treatments and life-changing education.  Through Alexander & Cleaver’s strategy, agility, and hard work, Kennedy Krieger has been able to successfully leverage State support for programs that will continue to build on the life-changing work of the Institution."

—Dr. Bradley Schlaggar, MD, PhD, President and CEO, Kennedy Krieger Institute

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