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Regulatory Matters

Keeping you one step ahead of administrative issues in Maryland

Maryland businesses are confronted with a growing number of local and state regulations. Often, regulatory issues are intricate. Addressing them requires familiarity with their nuances, as well as high-level interactions with elected and appointed officials who draft and administer them.

Alexander & Cleaver is equipped to assist clients in developing comprehensive strategies and solutions for doing business in an environment of complex and overlapping regulation. We have accumulated significant knowledge about Maryland administrative and regulatory laws encompassing diverse regulatory regimes and state agencies.

Our services

The firm represents a large number of individual and corporate clients by analyzing legislative and regulatory developments, devising compliance strategies and addressing investigations and alleged violations. We:

  • Maintain strong relationships with legislative and budget committee chairs and members to provide timely information and access for our clients
  • Monitor regulatory processes and intercede as needed
  • Represent client-specific concerns before administrative agencies

Our attorneys and lobbyists

Attorney James K. McGee represents clients before regulatory bodies including the Maryland Public Service Commission, the Maryland Department of the Environment, and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. Contact Jim at 301.292.3300 or email him. Read more about Jim>>>

Founding partner Gary R. Alexander is keen to the expression “the devil is in the details”.  Gary has been reviewing and advising clients on proposed regulations for decades, ensuring they have a seat at the table to advocate for, or against, those details.  Call Gary at 410.974.9000 or email him. Read more about Gary>>>

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The law firm of Alexander & Cleaver, P.A. is ready to help you at one of our eight offices in Annapolis, Fort Washington, Baltimore, La Plata, Cumberland, Rockville, Alexandria, Virginia and West Palm Beach, Florida. We are available 24 hours a day to handle your most urgent needs. Call us today at 301-292-3300 or contact us online.

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A&C Attorneys and lobbyists are proud to have the following accolades and professional recognitions