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Largest Crowd Ever Attends A&C End of Session Event!

Despite working up to the midnight session ending gavel, the hosted our biggest crowd ever for our 22nd Client Appreciation Open House on the last day of the Maryland General Assembly.  A&C is known for its NETWORKING events held throughout the year from one end of the state to the other!  Now each client will receive their “End of Session 2018 Report” that highlights bills, and topics of interest, as all eyes turn to Maryland's upcoming elections.

The 2018 legislative session marked the final year of Governor Larry Hogan’s first term. All state offices are on the ballot in November and fundraising is again in full swing. (Primary election is June 26; General election is November 6) All 188 positions in the State Senate and House are up, as well as many County races for County Exec, Commissioner, or County Council. Look for information on A&C networking “Policymaker Lunches” to hear first-hand from leaders about procurement, politics, and strategy.  To stay informed, A&C provides up to the minute advice and strategy on all of it, as well as ethics and campaign finance legal compliance advice.

For information on this past session, bills enacted, or political and candidate news, contact Davion Percy, Senior Government Relations Consultant at dpercy@alexander-cleaver.com (410-974-9000) or any member of the A&C Government Relations Team.  For information on legal ethics and compliance matters contact A&C Attorney Whitney Smith at wsmith@alexander-cleaver.com (301-292-3300).

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