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Alexander & Cleaver’s 21st Annual Legislative Breakfast

In spite of the bad weather, we had a good turnout of clients and friends with Senate and House Committee Chairs that were able to make it through the wintry mix to Annapolis for Alexander & Cleaver’s annual policymaker breakfast previewing the upcoming legislative session. Senator Ed DeGrange, Senate Capital Budget Subcommittee Chair (who is retiring) was on hand and we thanked him for his service. He can take great pride for all he accomplished around the state. His successor, incoming Chair of the Senate Capital Budget Subcommittee, Senator Doug Peters (Prince George’s County) also spoke and talked about some of his priorities.

Senator Paul Pinsky (Prince George’s County) strongly recommended that everyone engage in an educational process due to the many new legislators who will be taking office in January. Sen. Pinsky will chair the Senate Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee and he expects six new members on the Committee. Senator Pinsky outlined education, procurement, land use balanced with clean energy, college debt relief, and others.

Delegate Kumar Barve (Montgomery County) will return as Chair of the House Environment and Transportation Committee. Delegate Barve talked about his committee which will deal with transportation, local government, the 5G rollout, environment, and other issues.

Senator Bobby Zirkin (Balt. County) returns as Chairman of the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee. He explained many of the technical and time-consuming issues his committee deals with including medical marijuana and to conduct a “deep dive” on the juvenile justice system. He is recovering from a hip operation and we sincerely appreciated him coming out on a nasty weather morning.

The A&C Government Relations Team and our attorneys were very pleased to bring this informative program to our clients and friends.

(l. to. R, A&C’s Richard Reinhardt & Emily Tocknell, Del. Kumar Barve, & A&C’s Davion Percy)

(l. to r. A&C’s Melisha Neal, Jim McGee, Davion Percy, Raylynn Cummings, Barbara Zektick, & Jason DeLoach, Sen. Bobby Zirkin, A&C’s David Hruda, Whitney Smith, Jim Cleaver & Gary Alexander)

(l. to r. A&C’s Barbara Zektick, Davion Percy & Gary Alexander, Sen. Ed DeGrange, & A&C’s Jason DeLoach)

(l. to r. A&C’s Richard Reinhardt, Sen. Paul Pinsky & A&C’s Davion Percy)

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